In the vast realm of gastronomy, where flavors and cultures collide, there was a Hungry
Habibi, a wanderer at heart, embarked on a journey to the sacred city of Makkah, Saudi
Arabia, seeking not just spiritual enlightenment but also a profound culinary experience

As He roamed the bustling streets of Makkah, fate led him to a rich Arabian Restaurant. Within its unassuming walls, a symphony of flavors awaited him. The air was filled with the aroma of sizzling mixed grill meals, tantalizing his senses and drawing him closer.

Entering the realm of this Arabian restaurant, He discovered a world where grilled perfection met crispy fried potatoes and where traditional Arabic bread danced with a myriad of oriental appetizers like hummus, mutabal, and fattoush. It was a transcendental moment, as if time stood still and every bite carried the essence of the middle east itself.

Deeply moved by this culinary revelation, He returned to his homeland, Pakistan. But a profound sense of disappointment enveloped him as he realized that the flavors he had savored in Saudi Arabia were nowhere to be found in his own country. Determined to bring a taste of Arabia to his people, he conceived a groundbreaking concept—an oasis of flavor known as Hungry Habibi, Est 2023.

Drawing upon our background in the restaurant industry, We conceived an innovative solution. We envisioned a cloud kitchen model for this venture, which would minimize the need for extensive physical space and costly infrastructure. By eliminating the overhead associated with traditional dining establishments, investing more in procuring the finest ingredients and securing the expertise of talented chefs. With this approach, We are determined to make authentic Arabian flavors accessible to all, bridging the gap between
quality and affordability.

In the shadows of minimal dine-in space, Hungry Habibi has launched affordable and authentic Arabian cuisine. With every order delivered, We tend to fulfill our mission to make the authentic flavors of Arabic cuisines accessible to all, regardless of their station in life.